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Light supper and libations, a silent auction
and Film screening of award-winning film The Ivory Game

Grace Episcopal Church
6507 Main Street
The Plains, VA 20198
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We at Africa ASAP grieve for the loss of lives in the front line of anti-poaching work. Pilot Roger Gowan was a British national flying his helicopter on an anti-poaching mission in Tanzania when he was shot and killed by a poacher. Our remote controlled system will greatly lessen the danger to the brave men and women working in this dangerous field. Read more...

Despite best practices for elephant conservation, which points to importance of keeping them in their wild habitat, U.S.A. has now sanctioned importing 18 baby African elephants to zoos here in there U.S. Read more...

Kenya will be hosting a star studded summit on illegal wildlife trafficking in April. Leonard DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Elton John are some of the attendees. Read more...

Our partners in Tanzania is again proving their system of anti-poaching is working and producing real results. National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit in Tanzania responsible for the capture of “the Devil”, a notorious poacher in Tanzania. Click here to read more.

PAMS Foundation (our partner in Tanzania) funded National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit in Tanzania captures the “Queen of Ivory”, a major Chinese kingpin in the Ivory poaching /trafficking network. Click here to read more.

Africa ASAP Fundraiser at Naked Mountain Winery September 26
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GPS Trackers In Fake Elephant Tusks Reveal Ivory Smuggling Route - NPR Fresh Air’s Interview of journalist Bryan Christy

Ivory Worship, a National Geographic Article by Bryan Christy

Poaching to render 4m people jobless in Africa - ministry
Poaching in Tanzania is threatening to undermine the country’s  growing tourism trade.  Read more...

GMU Researchers Featured in New Documentary on Elephant Poaching from Earth Focus, “Illicit Ivory"
According to the film, produced by Earth Focus, an elephant is killed every 20 minutes for its ivory. Extinction is imminent. “Illicit Ivory” premieres at 9 p.m. May 28 on DirecTV, DISH Network and Link TV.

Why U.S. Laws Aren't Stopping Ivory Trade At Home
PBS News Hour
Did you know that the U.S. is the 2nd largest market for ivory in the world? Yes, China takes 70% of the ivory trade, but, instead of just pointing fingers, we also need to look at our own back yard!! Take a look at this short report on PBS “Shortwave”. Call your State representative. Ivory trade regulations is handled per state, so start your own petition for clearer, better regulation of ivory!

Horribly bleak study sees ‘empty landscape’ as large herbivores vanish at startling rate 
The Washington Post
They never ate anybody — but now, some of planet Earth’s innocent vegetarians face end times. Large herbivores — elephants, hippos, rhinos and gorillas among them — are vanishing from the globe at a startling rate, with some 60 percent threatened with extinction, a team of scientists reports.  Read more...

Chelsea Clinton highlights plight of elephants on visit to reserve in Kenya
The Washington Post
SAMBURU, Kenya — Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, visited one of Africa’s most prominent elephant reserves Sunday, highlighting the enormous threat still facing the species, in spite of growing conservation efforts.  Read more...

China Bans Import of Ivory Carvings for One Year
NY Times February, 25, 2015
People kill elephants so the ivory becomes more valuable, which will make people live better and happier,” said the owner of the Zhenguan Hall ivory shop in Shanghai, refusing to give his name. “Elephants die anyway. If they become extinct it really doesn’t matter.”  Read more...

Terrorist groups fuel rise in violent elephant poaching in central Africa. 
Fox News, February 2015
Elephant poaching is a on a dangerous and violent rise across central Africa, with some extremist groups even shooting the animals from helicopters and then using chainsaws to rip off their jaws. Read more...

Scaling up the War on Elephant Poaching
Huffington Post, March 2015
We must all not be afraid to address greed and corruption, which are the underlying drivers of this crisis. Read more...